Music Ministry

For more than twenty years, the FAME Music Department has been one of the leading ministries in the church. This music department has been led by some of Gospel’s greatest musicians: Nathan Johnson, Tina Bryant, Ken Little, Ronny Mills, Rodney McBride and our current Minister of music Rev. Jeffery Williams. The Lord has tremendously blessed this ministry! There are five choirs within the Music Department. They are the Mass Choir, Voices of FAME, Augustus Bowie Male Chorus, Epiphany (Women’s Chorus), and the Youth and Young Adult Choir. There is music for everyone. The FAME Music Department is a host of inspired singers that brings ministry of the Word through song for the encouragement of God’s people. For a complete rehearsal schedule, please refer to Music Ministry Rehearsal Schedule tab. Contact Rev. Jeffery Williams. 510-655-1527