Purpose of Ministry

Stewards serve as advisors to the pastor. A Steward assists the pastor in all administrative capacities, helping to implement courses of action to facilitate decision-making.


  • Make an exact account of all money and other provisions
    collected for the support of the Church.
  • Establish along with the Pastor his/her salary and benefit
    package, commensurate with the cost of living in the given
    geographical area and the financial capacity of the local
  • Seek the needy and distressed in order to relieve and comfort
  • Serve as spiritual lay leaders of the church.

Membership Criteria

The pastor in charge must nominate Stewards. Nominations are conducted annually in compliance with the AME Discipline after the annual appointment of the Pastor. Nominations are confirmed by the Presiding Elder at the first church Quarterly Conference following Annual Conference·A member in good and regular standing for a period of not less than two years ·Stewards should effectively demonstrate loyalty, applied ability in temporal affairs and good character. ·He/she is someone who is practical and able to conduct business matters and the financial responsibilities of the church.

Ministry Structure

The Pastor is chairperson. The Pastor may appoint a chairperson pro tem to act in his/her absence.

When the Ministry Serves and/or Meeting Schedule

Steward Board meetings are held monthly, the Tuesday after the first Sunday of each month.


John R. Bailey, Pro Tem